+I+wish+you______________.2.+It+is not+a+habitof+mine+to+sleep+in+the+afternoon .=>+I+am__________________________-________.3.+we+had+to+wait+for+two+hours+for...">

1. Please don't say things like that. => I wish you______________.

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2. It is not a habitof mine to lớn sleep in the afternoon .

=> I am__________________________-________.

3. we had lớn wait for two hours for Donald.

=> Donald kept____________________________.

4. On seeing, the girl said she did not like him.

=> As________________________________.

5. She didn't work hard enough, vày she lost her job.

=> The reason____________________________.

Câu làm sao có cấu tạo thì mang lại xin vứi ẹ =)))


1. Please don't say things lượt thích that.

=> I wish you wouldn't say things like that. (S+ wishes + S1 + Ved/2)

2. It is not a habitof mine to sleep in the afternoon .

=> I am not in the habit of sleeping in the afternoon.

3. we had lớn wait for two hours for Donald.

=> Donald kept us waiting for 2 hours

5. She didn't work hard enough, bởi she lost her job.

=> The reason why she lost her job was that she didn't work hard enough.

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Rewrite the sentences with the words given.1.The policeman ordered:"Stay where you are và don"t touch anything.____________________________________________________2.The old lady said:"Will you please water these flowers for me"____________________________________________________3.All the ministers will see hyên off at the airport.


4.What are you talking about?(passive voice)___________________________________________________5.When did he buy that house?(passive voice)


6.She said:"Don"t leave sầu your coat on this chair,Nam"___________________________________________________7.She said to lớn him:"Don"t speak khổng lồ me lượt thích that và behave yourself."___________________________________________________

8.My teacher will ask us to vì the chạy thử next Friday.I wish_____________________________________________9.They don"t buy that house because they don"t save enough money.If_________________________________________________

10."My friend is coming net week"Tom told me________________________________________11."I will help my mum with housework the weekend"Lan said____________________________________________12."Iam going on holiday tomorrow"The boy told his neighbor______________________________

13.My sister is old.she can drive sầu a oto.(enough)My sister__________________________________________14.The radio isn"t small.You can"t put it in your pocket.(not....enough)__________________________________________________15.This coat isn"t warm.I don"t wear it in winner.(not....enough)___________________________________________________16.She is the most beatiful and intelligent girl in her class.No other member in__________________________________

17.If you didn"t drive too fast,you wouldn"t cause that accident.Unless_____________________________________________18.Unless I practise my English,I won"t get any better.If_________________________________________________19.Sally doesn"t know what she has to bởi vì for homework because she is absent from school.If_________________________________________________

20."Where are you going for you holiday?"Henry asked John_____________________________21."When bởi you get back from TP HCM City?"She asked him_______________________________________22.He hasn"t given me any money.I__________________________________________________No money__________________________________________