Giáo án unit 15 "Space conquest" lịch trình English 11 nhằm mục tiêu góp học viên có thể viết tiểu sử của một fan được khẳng định, dựa trên số đông biết tin nhất quyết, mặt khác tìm hiểu về nghành thiên hà, tìm hiểu thêm các thì quá khứ solo và thì hiện nay solo.

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Giáo án Tiếng anh lớp 11. PERIOD 92 UNIT 15: SPACE CONQUEST READING A. AIMS: - After reading the passage, Ss can learn the meaning of the words,summarize the main idea of the paragraph and answer the questions B. TEACHING METHOD: - Communicative sầu approach C. TEACHING AIDS: - Textbook, pictures, cards và handouts PROCEDURE:Teacher"s activities Students" activitiesI. Stabilization and kiểm tra up: -Ss cthua the books - T sticks pictures & cards on theII. Warm up: board and divides the class into 4 groups* Match the pictures with the appropriate cards -Group worksPictures Cards - The group which gives many-Picture 1 Rocket correct answers quickly will be the-Picture 2 The first man khổng lồ step food on the winnermoon -T leads to the new lesson: ”Space-Picture 3 Space craft conquest”-Picture 4 The moon’s surface-Picture 5 The first Vietnamese to lớn fly into - Pair worksspace - T asks Ss** Questions: What topic we are learning today? - Ss listen and answerIII. New lesson: READINGBefore reading: Answer the questions1. Would you like khổng lồ travel inkhổng lồ space?2. Who is the first human to fly inlớn space?3. Can you tell me something about him?4. What made hlặng a hero? Listen and repeat** While reading:Activity 1: Pronunciation- approximately(adv)- cosmonaut (n)- temperature (n)- psychological (a) - T asks good Ss lớn read- congratulate (v) - Pair worksActivity 2: Reading text -T gives handouts khổng lồ Ss-New words: Match the words in A with their - Ss work in pairs lớn the words in Adefinitions in B with their definitions in B A B - T gives feedback1. lift off a. very big 1.e 2.g 3.f 4.a2. tragic b. solve sầu the problem 5.b 6.d 7.c3. congratulate c. change or behavedifferently due to influence4. enormous d. worry about something5. khuyến mãi with e. take off6. psychological f. express pleasure at the tension happiness7. react g. disastrous or greatly Distressing - T asks Ss khổng lồ answer the question: “ What is the heading of aActivity 3:(task 1 page 168 ) Match the headings paragraph?”lớn the paragraphs - Ss work in pairsPara graph 1 A. The tragic accident - T checks và gives feedbackParagraph 2 B. The lift-off P..1-B P..2-D Phường.3-E Phường.4- C Phường.5-AParagraph 3 C. CongratulationParagraph 4 D. A view on earthParagraph 5 E. Uncertainties - Pair works - T asks Ss to lớn read all the questionsActivity 4: Answer the questions (textbook page and underline the key words168) - T calls some pairs lớn practice1. How old was Gagarin when he became the before the classfirst human being in space? - Then Ss write their answers on2. How long was he in space? the board3. What questions were raised before Gagarin’s - T checks & gives feedbackspace flight?4. What was the tốc độ of his spacecraft in orbitaround the Earth?5. Why couldn’t Gagarin make a new spaceflight? - Closing books6. What was done after Gagarin’s death to honor - T hangs poster on the board andthis national hero? has Ss guess the missing words - Ss work in pairs** Post reading: Complete the summary of the - T calls Ss và gives good mark toreading by putting the words / phrases in the box encourage them.inkhổng lồ the blanks (textbook page 169 )- Answer key:1. cosmonaut 2. in space 3. lasted Ss vày the task at home page.4. success 5. gravity 6. view7. impossible 8. named afterIV. Home work: Translate the passage inkhổng lồ Vietnamese. Prepare B. SpeakingPERIOD 93 UNIT 15: SPACE CONQUEST SPEAKING OBJECTIVEAim(s): speaking about the important events in the space conquest.Lexical items: words / phrases related to spaceTeaching aids: textbook, pictures PROCEDURETeacher"s activities Students" activitiesWarm-up: Cchiến bại the bookT: gives out six pictures of famous astronauts in theworld. PairworkT: asks Ss lớn look at the pictures & khổng lồ answer Ss: answer1) Who are they? Picture 1- He’s Pmê say Tuan –2) What are their nationalities? Vietnamese on some pairs lớn ask và answer in front of the Picture 2- He’s Yuri Gararinclass. – Russian cosmonaut.Comment and give suggested answers: Picture 3- He’s Amstrong-T: introduces the new lesson. American astronaut.Activity1 Picture 4- He’s Buzz Aldrin- American astronaut.Have sầu Ss work in pair and vị task 1 Picture 5- She’s ValentinaT: suggeSs Ss to make questions with Tareshkova – Russian- When........? cosmonaut.- What..........? Picture 6- He’s Liwei-- How old........? Chinese astronaut.- How important.........?- How many...............?-Setting mã sản phẩm mở cửa the bookA: When did Trung Quốc launch its first maned spacecraft Pairworkinlớn space? Example:B: On october 15, 2003 A: What is the name ofT: goes around the class and provides help if necessary china’s first maned spacecraft?T: Calls on some pairs lớn ask and answer aloud in frontof the class. B: Its name’s Shenzhou 5 A: What is the name of the astronaut? B: His name’s Yang Liwei A: How old was he when he flew inlớn space? B: He was 38 years old A: How important was the successful flight khổng lồ China? B: The successful flight marked a milestone in China’s space protect.Activity 2 A: How many countries inT has Ss practise making questions và answering aboutthe important events in space conquest.(Task 2) the world have sầu been able toT: explains and gives an example carry out independently maned space activities? What(1) A: When did Russian launch its first artificial are they?satellite? B: There have sầu been three.B: On October 4, 1957 They are: Russia, The UnitedC: What is the name of Russia’s first artificial satellite? States & ChinaD: Sputnik.A: How important was the artificial satellite lớn Russia?B: The first artificial satellite marked the beginning ofSpace Age. Groupwork(2) A: Who is the first woman to lớn fly into lớn space?B: That’s Valentimãng cầu Tereshkova, a russian cosmanaut.C: When did she fly into space?D: On June 16, 1963.(3) A: Who are the first humans to mix foot on themoon?B: They are Neil Amsvào & Buzz Aldrin Americanastronauts.C: When did they mix foot on the moon?D: On July đôi mươi, 1969.(4) A: Who is the first Vietnamese to lớn fly into space?B: That’s Pmê man TuanC: With whom did he go along into lớn space?D: He went with V.V. Gorbotko a Russian cosmonaut.A: How long did he stay in the orbit?B: He stayed 8 days in the orbit. T: asks Ss to work in groups, goes around the class andprovides help when necessary. call on some groups to lớn ask & answer aloud in frontof the class Comment và have necessary correctionsHomework: Write a short paragraph about the one important eventin space conquest. Do at home page PERIOD 94 UNIT 15: SPACE CONQUEST LISTENINGA. AIMS: - Help Ss to decide true or false sentences và answer the questionsB. TEACHING METHOD: - Communicative approachC. TEACHING AIDS: - Textbook, pictures, cards and handoutsPROCEDURE: Teacher"s activities Students" activities I. Stabilization & kiểm tra up: - Work in groups II. Warm up: - T devides the class inlớn 4 Matching cards with the pictures groups Pictures Cards - Ss cthua trận the books and representative of each group -Picture 1 Orbiting write the answer on the board - Picture 2 The Apollo crew - Group which gives the correct - Picture 3 Walking on the moon answers quickly will be the - Picture 4 The Moon landing winner - Picture 5 The first foot print on the Moon ** T leads to new lesson: Question:” From the pictures can you guess what topic we are listening today?” III. New lesson: LISTENING ** Before listening: -Class work Activity 1: Pronunciation: - T has Ss open the book and -Challenge (v) /………/ look at the words carefully- Experiment (n)/……./ - T plays the recorder & Ss-Achievement (n)/……/ say STOPActivity 2: Listen and repeat: Say STOP if you hear - T stops the recorder khổng lồ checkone of these words from the listening passage** While listening:Activity 1: Circling the words, phrases or number inthe listening passage you hear Congress, 11, - Using handoutssuitcase, later, press, the first, carry, marry, oxygen, -Ss work in groupschicken, 7, step, spacesuit, Apollo, cosmonaut,temperature, ect…… - T gives Ss handouts and has them work in groupsActivity 2: (Task 1 page 173 ): Decide true /falsestatements. - Ss bởi the task** Answer key: - T plays the recorder & then feedback1.F (In a speech to the Congress ) - T asks Ss khổng lồ read all the2.F(There are three astronauts: Neil Amstrong, Buzz statement carefully & thenAldrin, và Michale Collins ) guess the statement is true or3. F (Neil Amsvào became the first man on the falsemoon ) - T plays the recorder for the4. F (The Oxygene, temperature, & pressure inside firstthe spacesuit ) - Ss listen & take notes to5. T gives the evidence for theirActivity 3: (textbook ) Answer the questions by answercircling the letter A, B, C or D - T calls Ss khổng lồ answer and plays1. Which program was developed khổng lồ meet president recorder again to checkKennedy ‘s challenge?A. NASA’s Apollo program B. ASIANC. NATO D. VOA - Using handouts2. When was the Apollo 11 launched? - Pair workA. July 16, 1969 B. July 16, 1996 - T gives Ss handouts, thenC. June 16, 1996 C. June 16, 1969 explains some difficult if necessary3. What was the portable life support system for? - Ss listen and doA. Controlling the Oxygene B. Temperature - T calls Ss lớn answer and playsC. Temperature & pressure recorder again khổng lồ feedbackD. Controlling the oxygene, temperature & pressure **Feedback:4. How long did the astronauts stay on the surface of 1.A 2.A 3.Dthe moon? 4.A 5.D 6.BA. two and a half hours B. Half an hourC. an hour D. three & a half hours.5. What did they do while they were staying on thesurface of the moon?A. Collect soils & roông chồng samplesB. Collect soil & perform experimentsC. Persize the variety of experiments và collectsoilD. Persize the variety of experiments, collect soilvà roông chồng samples to lớn return the Earth6. When did the astronauts return to lớn the Earth? - Using handoutsA. July 24, 1968 B. July 24, 1969 - Ss work in groups of four.C. June 24, 1996 D. June 24, 1969 - T explains some difficult** Post listening: Discuss the reason for the human words if necessaryinterest in Mars and other planets in the solar - T reads the passagesystem. - Ss listen & vì the taskFill in the blanks with the missing words - T calls some group andThere are many reasons for human interest in Mars checks. If any group gives manyand other planets in the solar system. Firstly, Man correct words, T can gives goodlikes (1)………….và wants khổng lồ find out mards(2)………outside the World. One day, we may (3) ** Feedback:………people to lớn Mars và other planets in case the (1) adventur (2) Possibilities ofEarth is overpopulated. We may also conduct (4) life…………on Mars & other planets for the(5)………..of people on Earth. We may find (3) sover (4) researches(6)…………minerals there và have sầu trips lớn other (5) benefits (6) preciousplanets for tourist purposes.IV. Home work: Ss vày the task at home page. - Rewrite the above sầu exercise on your notebooks Write a paragraph talking 3 things with you if you have sầu a chance of going khổng lồ the moon. PERIOD 95 UNIT 15: SPACE CONQUEST WRITINGI. Objectives:1. Aim: By the kết thúc of the lesson, the Ss will be able khổng lồ write a biography based onprompts provided.2. Materials: Textbook, handouts, poster.3. Lexical items: Words/ phrases used in a biography.4. Structures: He is a..., He was born in..., In..., he did something, From... to...Procedure:Teacher’s Activities Students’ ActivitiesWarm up (3’) Books closed.- Introduces the lesson by using the picture Work in pairs.of the astronaut Neil Amsvào & put Answer:questions: 1. He is Neil Amstrong. 2. He is an American astronaut. 3. He phối foot on the moon with Buzz 1. Look at the Aldrin. picture & say who he is. 2. Is he a Russian or an American astronaut? 3. Who did he mix foot on the moon with?Pre-writing: (5’)- Asks Ss to lớn read through Task 1 on page174 and asks Ss what a biography is andwhat to lớn be included in a biography.- Introduces the lesson.Task 1: (5) Biography is the written history of a- Explains new words if necessary person"s lifeappoint vice chairman, committee,investigate, challenger shuttle disaster- Asks Ss to do the taskTask 2: (12’) Date of birth Place of birthInstruction: You are required khổng lồ write abiography of Neil Amsvào from theinformation Biography Careergiven in Task 1.- Asks Ss what tense of verbs they shoulduse in this task. Quote Known as (famous for)- Reminds Ss that the simple past tenseshould beused here but the introduction và Work individually.conclusion should be used simple present mở cửa the books.tense, and prepositions should be used Do the taskexactly (at, on, in, from... to lớn, with,...); the 1. Date of birth 2. Place of birtharticles (a, an, the) và the words/ phrasesare used in writing a biography (be known 3. Known as 4. Career, work as, receive sầu... from, resign... from) Quote- Divides Ss into lớn groups of 6.- Goes around to lớn check & help Ss if - Work in groups.necessary.- Elicits self and peer correction and givescorrection when Ss are not able to lớn correct - Group members cốt truyện their sentencethe errors. with one another to lớn get comments andFEEDBACK ON SS’ WRITING (8’) necessary correction. Next, combine all- Goes around và collects mistakes and the sentences into a biography.errors. - Each group thành viên will write 2- Collects some writings for quiông xã sentences on the Writes Ss’ typical errors on the board & Suggested answer:elicits self và peer correction and provides Neil Amstrong is an American astronaut.correction only when Ss are not able to He is known as the first person to walk oncorrect the errors. the moon. He was born on August 5th,- Provides general comments on the 1930 in Wapokoneta in Ohio. From 1949biography. khổng lồ 1952, he worked as a pilot in the United- Gives suggested answer. States Navy. Amstrong received his B.S from Purdue University in 1955. He joined the NASA astronaut program inWRAPPING UP.. (2’) 1962. Neil Amsvào became the first- Summarizes the main points. human to lớn step on the moon’s surface on July 20th, 1969. He was joined by Buzz- For homework, asks Ss lớn write the Aldrin forty minutes later. Amsvào andbiography again, taking inlớn consideration Aldrin spent two và a half hours on thetheir friends’ và T’s suggestions & moon’s surface. Amstrong received hiscorrections and do the extra exercise. M.S from the University of Southern California. He resigned from NASA a year later & from 1971 to 1979, he taught at the University of Cincinnati. In 1986 Amstrong was appointed vice chairman of the committee that investigated the Challenger shuttle disaster. He is also well-known for what he said when he stepped on the moon’s surface: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”Write a protệp tin of David Becksi from the information below:1. David Robert Joseph Beckham/ born/ Leytonstone, England/ 2 nd May 1975, 1989/ join/Manchester United ’s schoolboy squad.2. Two years later/member/ full squad/ January 1993/ professional footballer/ with one/most famous football clubs/ world.3. Summer of 2002/ Beckham/ lead/ England/ World Cup Finals/ Japan và South Korea/not only/ captain/ most impressive player.4. This/ contract/ his position/ after 1998 World Cup/ France/ send off/ match againstArgentimãng cầu. He/ responsible/ most supporters/ England’s subsequent dismissal/competition.Suggested answers:1. David Robert Joseph Beckmê say was born in Leytonstone, Engl& on 2nd May 1975,& in 1989, he joined Manchester United ’s schoolboy squad.2. Two years later, he became a thành viên of the full squad, và in January 1993, hebecame a professional footballer with one of the most famous football clubs in the world.3. In the Summer of 2002, Becksi mê led Engl& out in the World Cup Finals in Japanand South Korea not only as his country’s captain, but as the most impressive sầu player inthe UK.4. This was in complete contract khổng lồ his position after 1998 World Cup in France, when hewas sent off during the match against Argentina. He was held responsible by mostsupporters for England’s subsequent dismissal from the competition.PERIOD 96 UNIT 15: SPACE CONQUEST LANGUAGE FOCUS OBJECTIVE:Aim(s): Ss will be able to use: could / be able to lớn và question tags.Pronounce the sounds /nt/, /nd/ /n/, /ns/, /nz/Teaching aids: textbook, pictures, handouts. PROCEDURE: Teacher’s Activities Students’ Activities PRONUNCIATION(7") Warmer: Cthảm bại the book Ask Ss piông chồng out the word which has the Individual work, group work to lớn discuss underlined part pronounced differently from the rest. 1. didn’t tenant over rent 2. went month tenth seventh 3. phones tonnes learns tense 4. glance Barnes chance Florence 5. remind thirteenth friover warned Answer: 1. end, 2. went, 3. tense, 4. Go around to check that Ss work và offer Barnes help if necessary.Check with the whole class. 5. thirteenthcall on some Ss lớn read aloud in front ofthe class , listen & correct the mistakesAsk Ss khổng lồ listen the sounds và repeat. IndividualIntroduce the lesson.Pronouncing the four sounds separately: Whole classModel the sounds twice or three times.Pronounce the sounds & ask Ss to lớn repeat. mở cửa the bookGọi on some Ss to lớn read in front of theclass Repeat: whole class, individual workCorrect the mistakes.Pronouncing words containing the soundsRead the words in each column all at one.Read the words once again, each time with Listena word in each column to help Ssdistinguish the differences between thesounds in the words.Read the words & ask Ss lớn repeat themGo around to lớn provide helpGive sầu correction if necessary. RepeatReading the dialogue with words Practise in pairscontaining the sounds Some Ss pronounce the wordsRead the dialogue and ask Ss underline thewords with the sounds /nt/, /nd/,/ns/,/nz/,/n/from the dialogue.Go around to kiểm tra & provide help. PairworkGive sầu feedbachồng.GRAMMARCould / be able to(15")a. Presentation:Write on the board examples containingboth “could” & “were able to”Eg: My sister could play the piano wellwhen she was a girl.They were able lớn win the game yesterdayAsk Ss to lớn compare the difference between“could” and “were able to” of twosentences. CompareCheck & explain1. “Could” is used to lớn express an ability inthe past.2.

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“were able to” is used to express anycomplete success in the past.b.Practice:Exercise 1: complete the sentences usingcould, couldn’t or was /were (not) able to.Chechồng và explain Pairworkc. Production: