1. Education Aims: - Students know how khổng lồ pronounce the sound /ʒ/ & /ʃ/ correctly.

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 - Students revise: - Comparatives & superlatives.

 2. Knowledge:

+ General knowledge: Students learn some information lớn describe a chart

+ New words: Words related to lớn a chart

+ Language: - Pronunciation: /ʒ / and /ʃ /.

 - Comparatives & superlatives.

 - Making comparisons.

 3. Skills: + Speaking: - Work in pairs lớn discuss the exercises.

+ Reading: - Read words & sentences aloud.

- Read the sentences silently to vì the exercises.


 - Students may forget the knowledge about comparisons.

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III. TEACHING AIDS: - board, chalk, textbook.


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Pre : 19.04.2013Tea: 20.04.2013Unit 16: HISTORICAL PLACESE/ LANGUAGE FOCUSWeek: 15Period: 98I. OBJECTIVES: 1. Education Aims: - Students know how khổng lồ pronounce the sound /ʒ/ and /ʃ/ correctly. - Students revise: - Comparatives and superlatives. 2. Knowledge: + General knowledge: Students learn some information khổng lồ describe a chart+ New words: Words related lớn a chart+ Language: - Pronunciation: /ʒ / and /ʃ /.- Comparatives và superlatives. - Making comparisons. 3. Skills:+ Speaking: - Work in pairs to discuss the exercises.+ Reading: - Read words & sentences aloud.- Read the sentences silently khổng lồ vì chưng the exercises.II. ANTICIPATED PROBLEMS: - Students may forget the knowledge about comparisons.III. TEACHING AIDS: - board, chalk, textbook.IV. PROCEDURES: ContentsTeacher’s & Students’ activities I. WARM UP: (5’)II. PRONUNCIATION: (10’)a. Write two sounds on the board và pronounce them clearly twice, then ask sts lớn repeat. / ʃ / : a voiceless sound / ʒ / : a voiced sound / ʒ / / ʃ / television cửa hàng pleasure machine measure Swedish ...........................b. Ask sts to look at sentences in page 175 in the book.- Answers: / ʒ / / ʃ / pleasure shouldn"t Asia siêu thị illusions washing ...............................III. GRAMMAR: ( 28’)a. Comparatives & superlatives:E.g: My house is smaller than your house. My house is the smallest in this street. Exercise 1 is more difficult than exercise 2. Exercise 1 is the most difficult in this book.* Comparatives:. Structures: S1 + V + short Adj/Adv + ER + than + S2+ V S1 + V + More + long Adj/Adv+ than + S2+ V. Notes:- Short (containing one syllable) E.g: taller, shorter- Double the final consonant if it comes right after a vowel. E.g: bigger, thinner- For adjectives ending in –y, change- y lớn –I & then add –er. E.g: tidy- tidier.- Most adjectives ending in -y, -ow, -er , -le, -et are treated as short adjectives. E.g: narrow- narrower; clever- cleverer.- Long (containing more than one syllable)- Most adjectives ending in –ful; -less; -some are treated long adjectives. E.g: hopeful- more hopeful; handsome- more handsome.- Most adverbs having two syllable, ending in –ly are treated long adverbs. E.g: shortly - more shortly; cheaply- more cheaply.* Superlatives. Structures: S + V + The + short adj/ adv + EST S + V + The Most + long adj/adv. Irregular:ADJ/ ADVComparativesSuperlativesGood / wellBetterThe bestBad / illWorseThe worstMany / muchMoreThe mostFew / littleLessThe leastfarFarther(further)The farthest+ Exercise 1:1. young => younger => the youngest2. happy => happier => the happiest3. big => bigger => the biggest4. busy => busiest => the busiest ...................................+ Exercise 2:2. My sister is younger than me.3. Who is the oldest in the class?4. Concord used to be the faschạy thử passenger plane in the world. .................................b. Making comparisons:Exercise 3:1. v 2. so 3. more4. the 5. the 6. v7. than 8. of 9. v ................................Homework: (2’)- Ask two sts lớn read the mô tả tìm kiếm of the chart they wrote at home page aloud.- Ask another st to lớn give remarks.- Chechồng & give marks.- Aims: to lớn introduce two sounds /ʒ / và / ʃ / and help sts lớn practise these sounds.- Tell sts how to pronounce these sounds accurately.- Ask sts khổng lồ pay attention khổng lồ the length of two sounds.- Ask them to look at the textbook, listen và repeat.- Then ask sts khổng lồ work in pairs lớn read the words again so that they can kiểm tra for each other.- Move sầu around to help .- Ask two sts to read again và give sầu remarks.- Ask them khổng lồ work in pairs khổng lồ read the sentences and then find out the words containing sound /ʒ / & sound / ʃ /.- Ask them to work in 2 minutes.- Move around to conduct the activity.- Ask one st to lớn report and other sts to lớn give sầu remarks.- Cheông chồng & give sầu the correct answers.- Ask some sts khổng lồ read these sentences aloud.- Listen and give remarks.Aims: lớn revise comparatives và superlatives, & making comparisons, and have sầu sts vày EX1, EX2 & EX3.- Firstly ask sts khổng lồ look at the examples and revise the comparative sầu và superlative sầu khung of the adjectives.- Ask sts to tell the T the comparative sầu & superlative form of the adjectives. - Listen khổng lồ the S and give remarks. - Ask sts lớn vị EX 1.- Ask sts khổng lồ do Ex 1 in pairs & then cốt truyện the answers with their friends.- Move round lớn help if necessary.- Ask some pairs lớn report.- Check và give sầu remarks.- Ask sts khổng lồ read the requirement and the example carefully.- Ask sts to vày the Ex individually.- Move sầu round khổng lồ help if necessary.- Ask sts khổng lồ chia sẻ their ideas with their friends.- Ask two sts to lớn write the sentences on the board.- Ask other sts lớn give sầu remarks.- Ask sts to lớn vì Ex3 in pairs và then share the answers with their friends.- Move sầu round to help if necessary.- Ask some sts to lớn report in front of the whole class.- Cheông xã and give remarks.- bởi exercises in workbook